We are proud to be a part of Bloomington’s Gallery Walk as an auxiliary member. We display the work of local and regional artists, opening new exhibits with special receptions every other First Friday, from 5-8pm.


UPCOMING SHOW: The 5 Year Anniversary of Royale Hair Parlor - August 1st - September 30


Royale Hair Parlor has reached a milestone! In August the salon will celebrate 5 years of business on the Bloomington square.  From opening the doors in 2013 with 4 employees, the company has grown to a team of 14 and has added a Bridal and Special Event Styling Suite.  In honor of the occasion, Royale is inviting guests and community members to celebrate in their space on Friday, August 4th from 5 - 8pm.
"I'm so excited to welcome everyone into the salon and look forward to displaying our work from recent photoshoots, including hair sculptures that were used this winter in Blueline Media's Annual Bliss party. All photos on display at Royale Hair Parlor by Courtney Sinclair. 
The Royale team prides itself on engaging with the community and nurturing all sides of the creative process", says owner Bridgett DiVohl. Royale has readied itself for growth by offering an advanced certification program, monthly in-house education, and peer mentorship for all stylists to ensure thorough training and knowledge of the newest trends in hair and makeup.  As a small business owner, DiVohl has made it a priority to offer benefits to all employees and focuses on a "team-based" environment. Come to Royale at 116 W 6th St from 5 -8pm on Friday, August 4th to celebrate!
Photo by Courtney Sinclair

Photo by Courtney Sinclair


CURRENT SHOW: Royale Hair Parlor Stylist Feature - June 1st - July 31st


SHOW INFO: The team at Royale Hair Parlor prioritizes cultivating their creativity both behind the chair and in the everyday.  Stylists hold annual photoshoots to enter into contests, feature in soirees, and to generally document their work.  This Gallery Walk features photos of the stylists work over the past year and celebrates their individual visions.
Hair by Grace Coluzzi, Makeup by Jade Tuper,  Photo by Courtney Sinclair

Hair by Grace Coluzzi, Makeup by Jade Tuper,  Photo by Courtney Sinclair


PAST SHOW: Mark'd by Chelsea Sanders - April 1st through May 31st


SHOW INFO: In her first show in over 8 years, painter and photographer Chelsea Sanders explores the relationship we share with our bodies and with time. Mark’d is a showcase of paintings bridging abstract places and spaces with human stories and challenges what we consider to be beauty. 

The process of creating this show started with people and Chelsea’s interest in their birthmarks. Chelsea photographs these perceived “flaws” to document a physical manifestation of their told story. As the interest grew beyond just birthmarks, she began to document stretch marks, scars, and sunspots. Upon creating a collection of photographs, Chelsea then brought watercolors, acrylics, spray paint, and pastels together to create abstract base-layer compositions mirroring the relics of overhead landforms, such as where oceans meet water, and other landmarks. The final step brought these two forms of marks together, via projection and tracing the photographs onto the base layers. 

This series is a challenge to what we and our culture perceive as beautiful and as ugly. Often, these marks on the skin are viewed as negative aspects of who we are, especially, and possibly more so, for women. Chelsea believes that these marks are a symbol of experience, and should be celebrated. For example, one of the photographed participants is showcasing her stretch marks from having 3 children. Another participants has scars as a result of having Crohn’s disease, of which she’s never told anyone. Each of these are examples of the self and how society imposes a negative connotation to the body. Instead, through her art, Chelsea has chosen to celebrate and honor these stories as Mark’d.

PAST SHOW:  by Joel Washington - February 1st through March 31st

SHOW INFO: Joel Washington is a self-taught, Indiana-based artist. His one-of-a-kind acrylic paintings have been showcased in the Indiana State Museum and the U.S. Embassy in Thailand.

He began his journey as an artist after seeing the Beatles' movie "Yellow Submarine" when he was a child. Along with the Beatles, Joel counts jazz, vintage Disney animation, comic books, classic films and the art of the 1960s among his influences

PAST SHOW: Photography by Katy Lengacher - November 1st through December 31st

SHOW INFO: Katy Lengacher is a fine art, portrait and wedding photographer in Bloomington, Indiana. Her conceptual work departs from her journalistic roots to explore fantasy and whimsy through portraiture, examining feminism in mythology and folklore by re-imagining historic and classic female characters into their modern counterparts.

PAST SHOW: Perspective by Margie Criner - May 30th through July 30th

ARTIST'S STATEMENT: I remember spending time in my dad's wood shop in the basement of our house. At 5 years old, I snuck downstairs to make a walkie talkie out of a block of pine, a nail, & paint. My first solo attempt with my dad’s tools, I was excited to build something 3-D, functional as a toy, on my own. My art is rooted in design mixed with play. I reexamine perspectives, while honoring the interconnectedness of all things living. My background in textile design, graphics, & wood working, allows me to combine a variety of materials. I create sculpture in sculpture, inviting a viewer to engage his or her own curiosity as conventional expectations are reshaped, distorted, or ignored. Themes in my work revolve around childhood vacations, lessons learned growing up, navigating life after my mother’s death. As I work, I often gain some understanding about an aspect of myself. Parts of me that I was unaware of suddenly become apparent. It is at that point that my art becomes my teacher.

ARTIST BIO: Margie Criner grew up outside Detroit and now lives in Chicago. Her work examines notions of play through a juxtaposition of conventional symbols, often animal in form. With a background in graphic design and textile design, her work combines a wide variety of materials to raise questions about howhumans relate to their environment.


PAST SHOW: Photography by Courtney Sinclair  -  April 27th through May 28th. 

Courtney Sinclair is a photographer based in Bloomington, Indiana. She started photography at the age of 13, photographing everything that caught her eye.  After being accepted into a few respected art schools, she decided to stay in Indiana and study locally. She is now in the Visual Communications program with a focus in photography at the Ivy Tech of Columbus. Courtney currently photographs weddings and portraits professionally but is inspired by all genres. Her personal projects reflect her love for fashion and journalistic photography and keep her creative.


Photography and Drawings by Shannon Zahnle (August and September 2015)

Photography by Doug Paul Case (June and July 2015)

Photography by Kellie Kuratko (April and May 2015)

Photography by Craig D. Barton & Watercolors by Kathleen Truelove Barton (February and March 2015)

Comics by Penina Gal (December 2014 and January 2015)

Paintings by Brett Volpp (October and November 2014)

Paintings by Zac Rozycki (June and July 2014)

Paintings by Tim Lynch (April and May 2014)

Mixed Media by Keith Romaine (February and March 2014)

Paintings by Lauren Stern (December 2013 and January 2014)

Photography by Zach Kowalczyk (October and November 2013)